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Long Span Shelving - Model No. LS-200-125F (Add-On Unit) - Ayoubi Steel Furniture Factory
Long Span Shelving - Model No. LS-2125 mousaayoubi
Long Span Shelving - Model No. LS-2125 mousaayoubi

Long Span Shelving - Model No. LS-200-125F (Add-On Unit)

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Model No. LS-200-125F (Add-On Unit)


The fully adjustable long-span racking system is designed for storage of light to medium loads. It lends itself to use in almost any situation: shelving racking, long span racking, multi-tier and high rise installations.

The system offers the benefits of quick assembly, good stability and low cost. Long span racking  is dedicated for the storage of manual loaded heavy products, such as boxed items, machinery, equipment and tools. The system is also suitable for the construction of multitier constructions.

The design offers an upright width of 60mm with a central tapered slot, which offers a strong friction connection whilst being easier to install the beam levels than traditional twin slotted uprights. The heavy-duty beams are roll-formed as a step down `Z` profile section with a 4 fingered claw that can be adjusted on a pitch of 40 mm.

The finish comes in high quality epoxy powder paint finish, frames blue RAL 5010 and beams light gray RAL 2004. Shelves are galvanized or light gray.

Upright Height (mm): 2000

Beam Width (mm): 1250

Frame Depth(mm): 600

Load Capacity(kg): 200 UDL

These units can be further customized upon request. Additional charges may apply.

One year limited warranty for manufacturing faults, does not include miss use.

    Dimensions are approximate. In line with our policy for continuous improvement, we reserve the right to alter any part of these specifications without prior notice and without incurring any obligation.