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Ayoubi Steel Custom Made Products - Cable Support Systems mousaayoubi

Ayoubi Steel Custom Made Products - Cable Support Systems

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AYOUBI CABLE SUPPORT SYSTEMS is a Jordanian manufacturer, member of the AYOUBI GROUP, founded in 1958.

  • We supply a large variety of Cable Trays and Cable Ladders and there accessories, to cater for a large variety of clients needs and design factors such as:
    • Working Load: Size (Width, Loading depth and Strength).
    • Installation Environment: Material and Finish.
    • Support Span: Strength and Length.
  • We are willing to accommodate other clients requirements not offered as standard production, in a case by case basis.
  • We are geared for large size projects, for complete cable routing systems in terms of quality, speedy on time delivery and best value.
  •  Ayoubi Cable Support Systems conform to all NEMA VE-1 standards referring to definitions of cable trays, fittings, connectors and accessories.

Additional information can be found here.