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Ayoubi Heavy-Duty Racking - Pallet Shuttle mousaayoubi
Ayoubi Heavy-Duty Racking - Automated Pallet Shuttle - Ayoubi Steel Furniture Factory

Ayoubi Heavy-Duty Racking - Automated Pallet Shuttle

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The Ultimate Solution for high density storage:

Pallet Shuttle, it's a programmable machine (feed by a rechargeable battery, and controlled by remote control), it's used to transport pallets within racking system (DRIVE IN structure), and can move easily under pallets working on its specially designed channel,
When task completed the Shuttle returns to its position (at the front of the lane) to be ready for a new task
The forklift can move shuttle from one storage channel to another easily.

Advantages and features:
  •  FIFO and LIFO
  •  Shuttle work with any forklift type
  •  Full selectivity of different SKU at any opening
  •  Assign tasks with the highest level of speed, precision and efficiency
  •  Space Utilization
  •  Goods can be stored in the warehouse with highest density with low cost
  •  Suitable for Food and beverage bulk storage ambient, cold, and freezer applications
  •  Reduce product and forklift damage due to less handling
Technical Specification:
  •  Nominal load Capacity: 1500KG
  •  Standard working time - (8 to 20 hrs.)
  •  Charging time at normal temperature 100% recharged in 5.5hr
  •  Traveling speed range from (0.5 – 1) m/sec
  •  Lifting time: 3s
  •  Battery replacement time: 34- minutes
  •  Control Mode: to be operated manually and by wireless remote control
  •  Battery lifetime: 3 - 10 years
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