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Ayoubi Fire Resistant Safes - Model No. ES 100

Ayoubi Fire Resistant Safes - Model No. ES 100

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Model No. ES 100

Description: Medium to Large Sized KS 1-Hour Fire Resistant Safes/Electronic Lock & Key Lock

Weight (kg): 200.0

H (mm): 1066

W (mm): 585

D (mm): 507

Color: Grey

Main features:

      • High security, fire-resistant safes in a variety of sizes with several proven certificates
      • 1 hour or 2 hours fire protection certified by UL Class 350 1 hr, SP NT-Fire 60P, 120P, KS 1 hour
      • Three-way main bolt work with independent relocking device
      • Two to three stationary locking bolts on hinge side to deter prying attack on hinges
      • Lockable drawer + Adjustable shelf
      • Wheels for easy moving(Removable wheels are optional.)
      • Pre-drilled anchor hole without wheels(Optional)
      • Lock options: ES- Electronic Lock + [Key Lock]

      Dimensions are approximate. In line with our policy for continuous improvement, we reserve the right to alter any part of these specifications without prior notice and without incurring any obligation.