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Benefits And Tips For Using A Metal Filing Cabinet

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A metal filing cabinet is a necessary organizational item for any office or home. They are used as filing storage for valuable documents and papers. Compared to those made from wood, metal filing cabinets offer durability, security and affordability. 

Benefits of Using a Metal File Cabinet

There are numerous benefits that make a metal filling cabinet a smart investment:

  • Durability – Metal cabinets can repel heavy use and last for decades with proper care. The metal construction is paramount for guarding important documents and records.
  • Security – Metal cabinets have a locking mechanism to prevent unauthorized access. 
  • Affordability – Metal cabinets can cost lower than wooden cabinetwork with the same storage capacity. 
  • Portability – Metal cabinets are lighter than heavy wood ones, making them easier to move. 

Tips to store documents in a metal filing cabinet

  • Dispose of or shred any documents you no longer fairly need like old papers or manuals, based on your retention guidelines.
  • Save documents in digital formats retaining them when needed. 
  • Condense multiple documents of the same content into essential working ones.

With documents piling up quickly, having a filing cabinet helps in organizing your paper work very effectively.

Safety Considerations When Using Metal File Cabinets

While metal filing cabinets have a number of benefits, abuse can lead to injuries or accidents. Therefore, keep these safety guidelines in mind while handling metal cabinets:

  • Close drawers gently to avoid damaging the drawer rails.
  • Keep drawers clear of hazardous materials.
  • Open one drawer at a time.
  • Avoid overfilling the cabinets than the maximum weight allowed per drawer which increases the chances of damaging the drawers.
  • Keep the heaviest documents in the bottom drawers to improve stability.
  • Store the cabinets on dry and stable grounding.
  • Place closets away from high areas in the office or home to help reduce injuries from the hard metal corners or falling documents.
  • When moving the cabinets, have two people move them to avoid injury from their unanticipated weight.

Staying aware of these preventive measures reduces the pitfalls associated with using metal cabinets and prevents potential injuries from falling heavy documents. 

What to Look for When Purchasing a Metal File Cabinet

When choosing a filing cabinet, look for the below features:

  • Drawer’s Measurements
    The size of the drawers in order to accommodate the sizes of the documents being stored. (e.g. A4 size papers)
  • Drawer Weight Capacity 
    The weight that each drawer can handle. (e.g. 40 Kgs)
  • Drawer slide type
    The type of the slides such as the full extension ones make the movement of the drawers easier.
  • Locking Mechanism
    The type of locking mechanism for the drawers.
  • Paint Finish
    The type of paint finish is very important to protect against rusting and dirt.
  • Identification Tags
    These help in identifying the contents that are stored in each drawer.
  • Assembly
    Some metal filing closets are delivered completely assembled while others bear partial assembly. Complex assembly increases the overall cost of the cabinets.

Ayoubi has a number of metal filing cabinets to choose from. These metal cabinets offer the below features:

  • Loading capacity up to 40 Kgs for each drawer when fully extended.
  • Handles A4 paper size suspension files.
  • Telescopic runners.
  • High quality flush handles.
  • Central locking system.
  • Card holder.
  • Electrostatically powder-coated RAL 7035 light gray.
  • One year limited warranty for manufacturing faults.

      A quality metal filing cabinet is one of the most effective and secure ways to protect your business and home documents. This is achieved with strong metal construction and features like full extension slides and locking mechanisms.

      With proper usage and care, a metal filing cabinet can serve your document storage requirements for a long time. 

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