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Three Places To Put Your Safe In Your Home Or Office


There are a lot of ways of guarding your home or office nowadays yet one awesome way is to include a safe. Adding protection to your home or office with a safe gives you a secure place to store your valuables. Safes also guard your important documents like birth certificates, passports, identity cards and vehicle titles.

Safes can likewise guard your home or office in the event that you own a firearm. A safe is a trustworthy spot to store a weapon and restrict its access so that it doesn't get under the control of youngsters or anybody not authorized to utilize it. Safes give you inner peace when you're away from home or office.

When considering areas to place your safe, many spots in your home or office can be used to hide your valuables securely, including the bedroom closets, walls, basements, storage room, the sink and on the floor. 

Three Places to put your safe in your home or office

Below are three suggested areas to place your safe in your home or office:

1. In the bedroom or office closet

Depending on the size of the safe, the bedroom or office closet offers a convenient place for your safe. It keeps it easily accessible but at the same time hidden from direct sight. Place your safe on the bottom shelves but make sure that the structure holding the safe can withstand its weight. Moreover, the safe should be fixed to the closet so that it can better protected. 

2. In the wall

If you are looking at placing your safe in the wall, you should be considering how to disguise and access it. 

The limitation of placing your safe in the wall, is having the space necessary for the safe to fit in the cavity of the wall. You can better prepare for this option if your are designing a new home or office or working on a renovation.

Additionally, ensure that you have a picture frame, wall glass, etc. that will disguise the location of the safe. However, a wall safe that has been improperly installed or poorly concealed can be quite obvious.

Moreover, you should place the safe in the wall at a reasonable height for easier accessibility when you need to reach its contents.

3. In your basement or storage room

The basement or storage room is a secluded area in your home or office that can be a great location to store your safe.

You can also have the ability to choose different types of safe sizes and weights since you are not restricted by a confined space such as in the closets or walls. You can also fix the safe to the ground if it is one of the smaller size ones.

If you are choosing to place your safe in the basement or storage room, ensure that the location of the safe is elevated from the ground floor so that it is less likely to have water get to it. Also, you should have good lighting in the basement or storage room if you need access to your safe during the night.

Also, you will need to ensure that your basement or storage is free from moisture as this may damage some of the contents of your safe. Proper ventilation in your storage room would help in reducing this from occurring.

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