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Racking Components and Accessories


The components of an industrial racking system can be divided into main components and accessories.

The main components of the racking system include:

Uprights & Frames

The uprights are the vertical elements of the racking system. They come in different sections and various thicknesses in order to hold various loads. A frame is formed by two uprights with corresponding horizontal and diagonal bracing. The distance between the two uprights varies the load capacity that the frame can handle.

The uprights also contain a baseplate to secure the uprights to the ground using anchor bolts. A shim is a component that is used to level the storage system when the floor is uneven.


The beams are the horizontal elements of the racking system. Beams come in various section and lengths to hold different loads. The beams are joined from both ends using connectors which fit into the vertical uprights. All type of beams are secured with a locking safety pin.

The accessories of the racking system include:

  • Mesh Screen Anti-Collapse: The mesh screen is designed for spillage protection of palletized items.
  • Upright Protector: This a  metal element that wraps around the uprights to limit the damage that can be caused of forklifts.
  • End Frame Protector: This is a metal element that go on the sides of the frames in order to protect them from accidental forklift damage.
  • Cross Shelf: This is a metal element that allows for items to be placed on the racking system directly without the use of a pallet.
  • Pallet Support Bar: The pallet support bar is a metal element that used to support the load of the pallet.
  • Barrel & Coil Support: The barrel and coil support are metal elements that support the use of barrels and coils.