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Main Areas of a Warehouse

The warehouse is a physical space where the inflow and outflow of products and items are controlled. There are a number of factors that influence the warehouse layout such as the volume of activity, the type of goods (e.g. cold storage) and safety considerations.

The main areas of a warehouse are included below.

Loading and Unloading Area

The is one of the main areas of a warehouse for the reception and dispatch of products. The loading area allows for direct access for transport vehicles such as trucks and trailers. This area can be integrated into the warehouse which is where the loading and unloading bays are located. If the loading and unloading area is not integrated into the warehouse, it is located in an outside space close to the warehouse. It is necessary to have sufficient space for the transport vehicles to park and move around freely and quickly.

Goods Reception Area

This is the area where the goods are inspected to ensure that their quantity and condition is acceptable.

Repackaging Area

Some warehouses require that the goods to be repackaged or pallet racked. This maybe due to the need to reconfigure the unit loads to a different size for storage due to hygiene reasons for example. This area of the warehouse is sometimes integrated into the warehouse entrance area.

Storage Area

This is the place where the goods are stored and can be one of the most complex areas of the warehouse. It is important to know the stock rotation as well as the type of goods being stored.

The goods can be deposited directly on the floor but in order to take advantage of both horizontal and vertical space, a racking system is commonly used. Direct access can be prioritized such as in the conventional pallet racking system or to optimize space by using fewer aisles can be utilized such as in the drive-in pallet racking systems. 

The storage area should facilitate the operation of the order preparation area of the warehouse if there is one.

 Order Preparation Area

This is the area where the product is prepared prior to being moved to the shipping area. The order preparation area can also include a picking area if the configuration of the goods that are being shipped is different than that of the goods being received.

This area can be in an area of the warehouse itself or integrated into the storage area.

Outflow and Area for Dispatch 

This is the space in the warehouse where the goods that were arranged in the order preparation area are packaged in order to be sent to the end customer. The goods are verified in this area so that the order matches what has been prepared and according to the customer requirements.

The dispatch area is the location where the goods are accumulated for loading into vehicles and prior to leaving the warehouse.

Warehouse Maintenance Area 

This is the designated area of the warehouse for the maintenance of equipment such as forklift or pallet trucks. For safety reasons, it is recommended to have this area in a separate location than other areas of the warehouse.

Warehouse Administrative Area

The offices, warehouse manager's office space and customer service offices are located in this area. Attached to this area is the service area for the administrative team such as the meeting rooms, changing rooms, cafeteria, etc. 

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