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Key Points To Consider For Your Warehouse Safety


The warehouse is a building that stores products and items of various shapes and sizes in a controlled and orderly manner. Below are several key factors to consider for your warehouse safety.

Appropriate User of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

The warehouse operators should have the below protective items:

  • Wear helmets to protect against falling objects.
  • Use the appropriate protective shoes while walking in the warehouse.
  • Safety glasses must be worn especially in the welding areas.
  • The use of protective gloves is recommended for handling different materials.
  • If the level of noise is high, then ear protectors should be worn.

Availability of Signage in the Warehouse

The warehouse should have the appropriate signage such as aisles, safety areas, operational area, evacuation routes, bathrooms, etc.

Correct Use of Forklifts

The forklift operator should adhere to the below:

  • Transporting objects not exceeding the forklift capacity.
  • The forklift should not be used to transport people from one area to the other.
  • The forklift should be well maintained at all times.
  • The appropriate signage should be respected by the forklift operator.

Safety Instruments

Other safety instruments should be available at the warehouse such as fire alarm, smoke detectors,  emergency lights, first aid kits and video cameras.

Racking Safety Considerations

The below are considerations for the installed racking:

  • Unit loads stored at high elevations must be strapped and film wrapped to prevent from falling objects.
  • Adhere to the maximum load limitations for the installed racking system.
  • Ensure sufficient clearance height for the stored pallets.
  • The pallets must sit appropriately on the beams and or cross beams.

Maintenance of the Racking System

The racking system should be well maintained and periodically inspected after installation. The frames are very susceptible to forklift damage and could impact the structure and safety of the racking system. If the damage of the frame is high, then it should be swiftly replaced to ensure the safety of the racking structure.

Employee Training

The employees at the warehouse should be trained on wearing the appropriate personal protective equipment while at the warehouse. The employees must also report any damages of the racking system in order to have the proper replacement in place if needed.