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Case Study | Radio-Shuttle Pallet Racking


Client Industry: Logistics and distribution

Type of Good Stored: Food-stuffs

Inventory Management Method: LIFO (Last-In-First-Out)

Location: Irbid, Jordan

Warehouse: 4,000 m2

Depth of row: 13.05 m

Height of Storage Unit:  9.6 m

Weight Held Per Row: ~15 tons

Total Weight: 4,460 tons

No. of Pallets: 3,600

Level of Automation: Semi-automated

Type of Radio Shuttle: Automha Pallet Runner™

Client Challenge

A logistics company sought Ayoubi Steel's expertise to optimize the warehouse management and storage of their long-shelf-life foodstuffs. The client needed to reduce handling time during their Last in First Out (LIFO) inventory management due to the shear size of their location and quantity of goods stored. Thus, the suggested solution would have to enhance efficiency while facilitating the storage or retrieval of their low-moving stock.

Ayoubi Steel’s Solution

Ayoubi Steel proposed the implementation of Radio Shuttle Pallet Racks, a state-of-the-art, semi-automated storage system designed to maximize storage capacity and streamline storage operations. Leveraging Italian based Automha's advanced radio-shuttle technology and Ayoubi Steel's customized design, the Radio-Shuttle Pallet Racks provided a seamless solution for the client's warehouse management needs.

Radio-shuttle pallet racking utilizes automated shuttle robots/runners to transport pallets within racks, increasing storage volume, and reducing the need for forklifts to enter storage aisles. This semi-automated solution enhances efficiency by automating the movement and selection of pallets while reducing factory accidents by avoiding forklift collisions during storage or extraction (within the aisles of the racks).

Our Radio-Shuttle Pallet Racking’s Technical Specifications:

  • Heavy-duty steel construction: ensures durability and stability, with a weight capacity of approximately 15 tons per row, meeting the demands of high-volume industrial storage.
  • Radio-Shuttle technology: automates pallet movement within the storage system, reducing manual handling and minimizing the risk of human error.
  • Customizable configurations: allows for selective extraction from each level, optimizing space utilization and facilitating efficient inventory management. Not to mention adjustable levels to accommodate various pallet heights.
  • Easy placement, use, and operation: of the shuttle runner to ensure smooth integration into the client's warehouse operations, enhancing overall efficiency and safety.

Implementation Process

Ayoubi Steel's team of experienced engineers conducted a thorough assessment of the client's warehouse layout and storage requirements. Collaborating closely with the client, Ayoubi Steel customized the Radio Shuttle Pallet Racks to suit the unique needs of the logistics company. The installation process, completed across two hangars totaling 4,000 m2, was executed with precision and efficiency.

Permissions and Documentation

Ayoubi Steel is dedicated to obtaining all necessary permissions and documentation required to access/execute each project. We work diligently to obtain supplier numbers for each entity we work with (when required) and comply with all regulatory procedures to ensure smooth installation.

Results and Benefits

4,460 tons

3,600 Pallets

12 Pallets


of potential storage space

to be stored with up to 1 ton per pallet

carrying up to 14.88 tons* per row, spanning 13.05 m in depth

Warehousing facilitated by Italian made Automha Pallet Runners

  1. Maximized Storage Capacity: Ayoubi Steel's Radio Shuttle Pallet Racks optimized warehouse space, providing storage for approximately 3,600 pallets of low-moving stock.
  2. Improved Efficiency: The automation of pallet movement reduced handling time and minimized human error, resulting in quicker retrieval and enhanced inventory management.
  3. Enhanced Safety: With selective extraction from each level and easy operation of the shuttle system, Ayoubi Steel ensured a safe working environment for warehouse personnel.
  4. Future-Forward Solution: Ayoubi Steel's Radio Shuttle Pallet Racks offer a future-forward approach to warehouse management, providing scalability and adaptability to meet evolving business needs.
  5. Prolonged lifetime: Due to the decreased errors during storage and retrieval the lifespan of the racks and the maintenance costs throughout the years are reduced.
  6. Customized Add-Ons: After the completion of the project, Ayoubi Steel was approached to create a storage system for the pallet runners that were furnished with this project. The docking system was designed to be aesthetically cohesive with the warehouse assembled, as well as safe for the access and storage of the radio-shuttle robots/batteries while charging.
  7. After-Sales Services: Ayoubi Steel continues to provide maintenance and support for the Radio Shuttle Pallet Racks, ensuring the client's long-term satisfaction and peace of mind.


Ayoubi Steel's Radio Shuttle Pallet Racks have transformed the logistics company's warehouse management, providing an efficient, safe, and future-forward solution for storing long-life goods. With our commitment to customization, innovation, and post-sales service, Ayoubi Steel remains the trusted partner for optimizing warehouse operations. Ayoubi Steel consistently adopts new storage and warehouse solutions, moving further into warehouse automation, to uphold our slogan of, “innovation with an edge”.

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