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Case Study | Mobile Shelving Unit Archive


Client Industry: Foodstuffs

Location: Madaba, Jordan

Capacity: ~2,050 Standard Box Files

Weight Held Per Row: 800 kg

Client Challenge

A foodstuffs company approached Ayoubi Steel to create a storage solution that would maximize space utilization while ensuring easy accessibility to archival documents. The company was not only constrained by their limited space, but also their existing beams, slanted ceiling and structures which had to be considered when creating an optimized archival solution.

Ayoubi Steel’s Solution

Ayoubi Steel proposed the installation of custom Mobile Shelving Units, a versatile storage solution designed to maximize space utilization by at least 21%*. Mobile Shelving Units (MSUs) were chosen to create easy access to reference documents, accounting archives and other materials, that the client was attempting access and review at adjacent workstations. Ample space for these workstations, controlled access to some documents, tidiness of the space and a seamless aesthetic were a must; and thus, open shelving was not considered.

Mobile Shelving Units’ Technical Specifications

Our Mobile Shelving Units provide a durable, reliable and customizable solution for organizing, storing and easily accessing archival materials.

  • The Mobile Shelving Units boast a robust steel casing that ensures durability and stability, capable of supporting heavy loads of archival materials while withstanding the demands of archival environments such as access control, temperature and moisture control, and systematic organization of archived articles.
  • The mobile design and adjustable shelving allow for easy reconfiguration and relocation of archival material.
  • This solution maximizes floor space utilization and adapts to changing storage and extraction needs.
  • The optional features we incorporated such as locking mechanisms for access control, adjustable shelving for modularity, and ergonomic/safety accessories to ensure secure storage and easy organization of archival materials.
  • The units are operated manually with smooth and silent movement that ensures ergonomic maneuvering and minimal disruption to archival staff and patrons during retrieval processes.
  • The elevated custom PVC track encased in aluminum plates ensures quick assembly and limited construction as per the client’s request.
  • The materials chosen from the powder-coated steel frames to the aluminum floor casing ensure the long lifetime of the archive, as well as its sturdiness and ease of cleaning.

Implementation Process

Ayoubi Steel's team of experienced engineers conducted a comprehensive assessment of the client's archival storage requirements and facility constraints. Through collaborative planning and iterative design, Ayoubi Steel customized the Mobile Shelving Unit system to meet and maximize the client's specific storage capacity and accessibility needs. The archive’s height, depth, access control features and accessories were customized to accommodate the client’s document sizes, filing methods and expected weight distribution. The installation process was executed to ensure suitable flow within the space, between the archive and the workstations and when extracting documents. The Ayoubi Steel team worked diligently to install the units within the client’s, outside contractor’s and supplier’s timeline to ensure swift unveiling of the space for use.

Results and Benefits




Standard box files stored

Useable storage capacity saved

Customized Mobile Shelving Units of 2 different access control features and 2 different heights

  1. 3% Maximized Storage Capacity: Ayoubi Steel's Mobile Shelving Units optimize space utilization by compactly storing archival materials, maximizing storage capacity within the client's archival facility. The units themselves also prove to be more compact than load bearing shelving units.
  2. Enhanced Accessibility: The mobile design of the shelving units allows archival staff to easily access and retrieve materials, improving workflow efficiency and will be expected to reduce retrieval times.
  3. Improved Organization: Adjustable shelving configurations and optional accessories facilitate efficient organization of archival materials, enhancing inventory management and preserving document integrity.
  4. Space Flexibility: The mobile nature of the shelving units allows for flexible space configurations, enabling the client to adapt the storage layout to accommodate changing archival collections and space requirements.

Ayoubi Steel's customized Mobile Shelving Units provide a reliable and efficient storage solution for clients seeking to optimize space utilization and enhance accessibility to archival materials. Through innovative design, durable construction, effective material choice and superior craftsmanship, Ayoubi Steel continues to deliver unmatched storage solutions that empower businesses to thrive in today's competitive marketplace.

*21.3% more than the next best solution (Long Span Shelving to accommodate the same expected load).

**Calculated as space available/number of standard box files per MSU system vs. space available/ Long Span open shelving

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