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Case Study | Cantilever Racks

Client Industry: Public Sector

Type of Good Stored: Pipes, tubes and sections

Location: Bayader, Wadi El-Seer, Jordan

Warehouse: ~28 m2

Weight Held Per Row: 500 kg

Total Weight: 3 tons

Client Challenge

A public sector warehouse tasked Ayoubi Steel with an add-on to the conventional pallet racking system that can store long pipes, beams and sections in a tidy and accessible manner that allows for manual picking. The storage solution would be placed under a low hanging ceiling, the firefighting sprinkler system and low hanging pipes.

Ayoubi Steel’s Solution

Ayoubi Steel proposed the implementation of Cantilever Racking, a versatile storage system designed to safely and efficiently store long and bulky items such as sections, tubes, and pipes. The low ceiling as well as the intended sections constrained the cantilever racks to two levels, which proved perfect for manual picking and handling. Leveraging durable steel construction and a visually consistent aesthetic with our Conventional Pallet Racking project in the same warehouse, Ayoubi Steel's Cantilever Racking provides a reliable and customizable solution for storing heavy loads while optimizing space utilization and retrieval efficiency.

Our (Custom) Cantilever Racking’s Technical Specifications

Our heavy-duty steel construction ensures structural integrity and durability, capable of supporting heavy loads of up to half a ton (500 kg) per arm (per level per unit) while withstanding the demands of warehouse environments.

  • Customized arm lengths and spacing: allow for tidy and efficient vertical storage of long sections, tubes, and pipes, maximizing space utilization and facilitating easy retrieval, especially given the manual retrieval intended by the client.
  • Integrated safety features: such as arm end-stops and sizeable legs ensure secure storage and prevent accidental damage to stored inventory or the cantilever racks
  • Adaptation to with the client's existing infrastructure: such as firefighting/sprinkler systems, retrieval methods and overhanging pipes ensures compliance with safety regulations and warehouse workflow while also maximizing storage capacity.

Customizations for Effective Retrieval

Ayoubi Steel worked to customize the Cantilever Racking system for effective retrieval in a zone of ~11 m along the edge of the site. By optimizing the height of the racking system and providing guidance on the best height of forklift to use if any, Ayoubi Steel ensured efficient access to stored items while maximizing vertical space utilization in the 25-28 m2 of unutilized space.

Commitment to Consistency and Aesthetics

Ayoubi Steel prioritized visual consistency and cohesiveness when designing the Cantilever Racking system for this client to elevate the composure of the warehouse, even in low-turnover zones. By providing tailored solutions that blend seamlessly with our other existing storage solutions, Ayoubi Steel ensured a unified and professional appearance throughout our installations in this warehouse.

Permissions and Documentation

As with the Conventional Pallet Racks installed in this warehouse, Ayoubi Steel is dedicated to obtaining all necessary permissions and documentation required to access/execute each project. We work diligently to obtain supplier numbers for each entity we work with (when required) and comply with all regulatory procedures to ensure smooth installation. We work to mitigate risks and ensure compliance at every stage as well.

Results and Benefits


Up to



28 m2

3 tons

500 kg

of space utilized and maximized

of long pipes, tubes and sections to be stored

of long sections stored per arm/level, per unit

  1. Maximized Storage Capacity: Ayoubi Steel's Cantilever Racks optimize space utilization by utilizing vertical space in an otherwise unused space. This unique case was able to store 500 kg of furniture per shelving level and 3 tons of long goods within a 28 m2
  2. Enhanced Accessibility: our storage solutions leverage our experience in and consideration of the client’s workflow and floorplan constraints to ensure optimal maneuverability and handling time.
  3. Safe handling: Risks are mitigated by considering factors such as a client’s tools (as forklifts), floorplan constraints (as sprinkler systems and overhangs), flooring (as tilt or foundation issues), inventory management methods and Civil Defense requirements. Layouts and loads are always calculated to ensure safe utilization and longevity of the storage solution.
  4. Improved Organization and Flexible modularity: Adjustable shelving configurations and optional accessories facilitate tidy, professional, and efficient organization/grouping of tubes, sections and pipes, enhancing inventory management, reducing the need for custom pallets, and preserving the stored items.

Ayoubi Steel's Cantilever Racking solution provides a reliable and efficient storage solution for long sections, tubes, and pipes in the public sector warehouse. With our commitment to customization, safety, and aesthetics, Ayoubi Steel ensures the successful execution of each project, meeting our clients' unique requirements with precision and excellence.

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