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5 Reasons To Use a Metal Locker

Metal lockers are a huge part of ultramodern installations. They can be set up in gymnasiums, health clubs, schools, universities and other places where people want to keep their items safely stored out of the way. 

The lockers are frequently used for storage purposes, but could also be featured as display units in the hall or office. There are a number of ways one can go about using customized and fitted metal lockers within their home or office. 

Five Reasons Why Metal Lockers are Most Preferred

1. More Secure Storage

Metal lockers are a great option for businesses and busy public spaces to offer a place for secure storage for their employees or visitors. They come in numerous different sizes and number of doors that fit the requirements of any organization or association, including schools, universities, health clubs, gymnasiums, recreation centers and others.

2. Metal Lockers are Durable

Metal lockers are durable and long-lasting. They can protect against damage and theft, a must-have for any organization that deals with students, workers and for companies that rent their lockers to guests.

Metal lockers can also be customized with different colors and sizes and types of door locking mechanisms.

3. Cost-Effectiveness

Metal lockers are a cost effective option for organizations in comparison to to their wooden counterpart. They generally include a place where the number of the locker can be displayed in addition to a master key that enable the organization owner to gain access to the locker when needed.

4. Offer Sustainability

Metal closets are a sustainable option since metal is a recyclable material. You can be more assured that you are meeting your sustainability goals when purchasing a metal locker.

5. Add Aesthetic Value

Metal locker are great to have, especially when you're looking to be stylish. It's possible to add a lot of aesthetic value to your metal locker without having to make a lot of changes such as choosing colorful paints.

Ayoubi has a range of 2, 3, 4 and 12 door lockers with different locking mechanism such as handles for padlocks, key locks and electronic locks.

These lockers come with the below features and accessories:

Available Options:

  • Slope top Name cardholder

  • Flush handle with (3) point key lock

  • Electronic Lock, Key Lock or Chrome Hand For Padlock

  • See through doors


    • Coat Hanger
    • Hanger Rod
    • Flush Handle 3-Point Lock

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