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3 Advantages for Using Dexion Shelving

dexion rack

Dexion is a type of shelving that is widely utilized in the United Kingdom and Europe. Dexion shelving is generally used to store items of light to medium weight loads such as office box files and it offers several benefits which are highlighted below.

1. Space Efficiency

Dexion shelving allows you to store your items in a very efficient manner with easy accessibility. The Dexion rack can have multiple heights in addition to several number of shelves depending on your requirements.

In order to increase the capacity of each shelf, consider getting a shelf with a greater width. This can also allow the shelf to handle additional weight if needed.

2. Flexibility

Dexion shelf levels can be adjusted to accommodate for different items heights when necessary. The shelves can be tightened into position using nuts and bolts. This offers great flexibility when storing your items.

Moreover, the structure can be easily assembled and disassembled. Corner plates can be added in order for each shelf to handle additional weight as well. For additional stability when needed, consider adding cross bracing to the structure. The back of the Dexion shelving can also be covered.

Dexion shelving can be electrostatically powder coated and for higher corrosion-resistance; galvanized shelves and angles should be used. Dexion shelving can also come in several colors to fit your needs.

3. Value

Dexion shelving is a very cost effective solution for your storage needs. It can also be less expensive than a customized wooden cabinet counterpart. However,  if your storage requires you to handle higher loads, consider using a long span storage solution with higher thickness sheet metal. 

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